Handmade Coconut Shell Handbag for Women

The most unique coconut shell handbag you will ever own for your tropical vacation. You’ll be the star of the tropics.

Coconut Shell Handbag Full View
Coconut Shell Handbag Open
Coconut Shell Handbag Opened Pouch

Simple Design

A beautiful coconut shell handbag with linen interior. Sturdy handles. Easy open and close zipper. Beach ready!


Handmade means quality. Every stitch and rivet. Virtually unbreakable. Water and sand resistant.


All our products come with a 100% satisfaction policy. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. Full refund.

Made from a REAL Coconut!

All our coconut shell handbag purchasers gladly admit: Everywhere they go people constantly stop and ask, “Where did you buy that handbag?” They want one. Sorry to say, it’s not sold in stores. Then the frown happens. But all is not lost because this natural coconut product can be ordered exclusively. It’s the only handbag made from and actual coconut that LOOKS EXACTLY like a coconut. No fancy paint design or shiny coating. This is the feature everyone loves, the simplicity of an original, handmade, and most of all, head-turning handbag that always gets big smiles and amazing reactions.

Coconut Shell Handbag Made from a Real Coconut

No Sweat Shops 100% Fair Manufacturing

100% handmade and NO sweat shops or exploited workers. Our manufacturing and selling policy brims with an Everyone Wins foundation. Everyone involved is paid fairly and our entire team is happy to be involved in a company where people come first, profit is ALWAYS secondary.

Fair Trade Image

Your Coconut Shell Handbag will Always Impress!

When opening the coconut shell handbag, you’ll see a beautiful lining and a pull-string that secures the content in the most adorable way. Space enough to hold items such as passports, credit cards, napkins, cash, coins, cosmetics – everything you need for a day out in the sun at the beach or shopping abroad. Lightweight as well, with a cute handle: The perfect combination of convenience and tropical feel that will constantly impress and amaze all onlookers where ever you go!

Coconut Shell Handbag Testimonials

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

When I bought this coconut handbag, I did it because it was light to carry and I could stuff a surprising amount of stuff inside. I hadn’t seen anything like it before, but whenever I went out people would smile when they saw it, and some people even asked for a peek inside. A couple of men told me they wanted to get one for their girlfriend or wife. There was even a guy who wanted one for himself! I have had it for a couple of years now and it holds up amazingly well, which is pretty good considering that I have actually dropped it a couple of times. I travel with it all the time because it’s so light and easily carries my junk. So, should you get one? Well, of course.

Sabrina Robinson

Travel Agent, San Antonio

I ordered my coconut shell handbag about five years ago. I thought it was so cute, I had to have it. After purchase, I discovered that it was more than cute. It’s very light. It has been dropped on the ground a few times and still carries on. The zipper that closes the handbag is strong, and still works just the way it did when I first bought it. The interior is covered with a pretty and surprisingly strong patterned cloth, and several patterns were available, but I liked the floral cloth the best. I should also add that when I carry it, I am constantly stopped (by men too!) to ask where I got it. And I tell them.

Judith Shapiro

Clinical Psychologist , Toronto, Canada

I love this coconut handbag, so cute and always puts in me the beach mood and effortless to carry. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves to travel south or planning to in the near future. You will be very happy with this amazing little coconut! So simple in appearance because it looks like a real coconut, which it is . . . always handy and constantly getting compliments and amazed looks from both women and men. I live in Cancun and take this little indestructible coconut almost everywhere. I also love the little pull-string and the zipper opens and closes effortlessly. Such quality and convenience all in one!

Gabriella Holguin

Physical Therapist, Cancun, Mexico

Handmade in Small Batches

The human touch. Every one of our authentic coconut shell handbags are carefully designed and created from scratch. Therefore we only make them in small batches. This authenticity is one of the true charms of owning a custom coconut handbag. When ordering, simply  choose the INTERIOR color or color pattern you mostly prefer. The zipper color and the handle color will not be optional because they both need to easily meld with the nature color of the coconut – we want the coconut to look natural, without any superficial distractions. Do you agree?

100% Satisfaction Refund

Your coconut handbag is made from a real coconut, therefore it’s extremely tough but not made of steal. As a result, your new coconut shell handbag is 100% covered for damage, theft, and lose for one year. In other words, at anytime during the first year, you need a replacement, you only pay the shipping fee. And of course, your handbag is 100% refundable after your purchase if you’re not completely happy.